Saturday, December 8, 2012

Marlin and Calcifer

This is Marlin. He's the senior pet around here.
 Emily picked him out from the pound when he was a tiny kitten. Funny story, his given name was Merlin. For some reason, we read it Marlin, and being the Finding Nemo fans that we stuck even after we realized the mistake. His life consists of hunting all night, and coming inside as I am letting Totoro out in the morning. He sleeps all day on the water bed and then hits the streets again at night. He mainly keeps to himself, but will show up every now and then for some food and/or attention (usually at the same time).  

Because he lives here with us, he gets to have many other pet siblings. Snake, guinea pigs, and hamsters. He rarely gives them any attention. Recently, Merlin gained a new pet room-mate. This is Calcifer our newish bird.
 Their relationship to going about the same as all the others. Today they had some quality time. 
It lasted about a minute. Calcifer's pretty colors and flapping wings almost captured Marlin's  attention. 

But not quite. Marlin is hard to impress.

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Unknown said...

When I saw this post on Facebook, I was sure it was going to end VERY differently. I'm glad that Marlin is not amused with the newest pet addition :)