Monday, July 13, 2009

All over the place!

I love summer time. Every year I have an illusion of a schedule-free summer and every year it gets filled with stuff. I would not trade our summers though. These past few weeks have been jam packed with places to be and things to do. So this post is going to jump all over the place-sorry about that.

Andrew and Emily started gymnastics or I should say Emily started gymnastics and Andrew started tumbling (for some reason Andrew is against the word gymnastics).
I love watching Andrew go on the vault. He runs super fast then jumps like 5 times on the trampoline (instead of 1) before he actually gets on the vault.
Ryan and Emily have tennis three times a week. Last Saturday was picture day and tennis matches. Because of some confusion, a mom took her daughter and left early. That left only three players in Emily and Ryan's court. Guess who got to grab a racket and join in? That's right me. Somehow that picture did not get taken (just picture me playing tennis with a bunch of 4-9th graders and ALL the other parents sitting watching while talking on cell phones). It actually was pretty fun. I wish I was better at tennis.

Our week also involved speech/OT 2 times a week for Andrew and band lessons 2 times a week for Ryan. I got to work all weekend too. We also had fun game nights with friends and family.

Erik got a chance to take the kids swimming at the water park. He was successful at NOT letting the kids get a sunburn. Good job Erik.
We did get to go to the cabin. Each year the lake is a little different. This year the weeds are growing in more, but that did not stop us from having a blast. The kids just plowed through them.
Here is a bucket of the fruits of their labors. It was so funny to watch the 5 kids try to keep 7 VERY bouncy frogs in one bucket.
This is a picture of Nico (my sister's son) modeling one of the frogs they caught that afternoon.
So that was one week-I wonder what this week will bring. I am sure eventually I will have to face the housework that I am avoiding.

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Busy, Busy, Busy! Don't forget to breathe.