Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fort Snelling

Here in this great state we have many historic sites to visit. Tiffany and I rediscovered them a few years ago. They (The Historical Society) had a "History Matters" challenge. It was to visit six different sites in a summer and earn a prize. We took that challenge.
Here is a picture of Ryan and Trevor from 2006. They are at Fort Snelling learning about different cannon ammunition. Sadly, that program challenge has been discontinued. But we found some favorite places and made a good habit of visiting and learning from these places.

We went back to Fort Snelling on Tuesday. Again, it was so much fun. This time we went with Grandma, Grandpa, Nico and Leo.
Here is Grandpa Bill with five of his grandchildren. They are standing on the round corner tower. Actually it is one of the oldest buildings in Minnesota. It has had many different uses..interestingly one was a beauty shop.
Emily was so happy to get to hold the bugle in the picture with welcoming guard. Today we learned that the soldiers would listen to the bugle to know their battle orders..because the battle field would be so loud.
Grandma and four of the kids joined up for the day. They made great soldiers.
Probably one of the kids' favorite parts of the day was learning about the "8 Piece" money system at the old settler's shop. Back then, they would chop the coin in order to give change. That guide (in the above picture) was really fun to listen to.
Grandpa Bill and my three really enjoyed the blacksmith. They watched him make a nail and a hook. Good times...
Here is a picture of Ry working with the same blacksmith in 2006
We recognized a lot of the same people that work at the fort. They really know their stuff!
Here, Nico and Leo are modeling how the soldiers had to sleep "head to toe." We also learned that 12 soldiers had to share one tiny room. One "soldier" said that in the winter that wasn't so bad though.
We also got to watch musket loading/shooting demonstrations and the cannon was fired. Both were very loud and really interesting.
I renewed my Historical Society watch out Mill City and Pine City here we come!


Scrappycook said...

We have never been to Fort Snelling - it's on the list for this summer!

Holly said...

My mom & step-dad took my kids to Fort Snelling while they were here. I opted to stay home and clean the house, but I think I should've gone!