Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cousin photo 2010

Each summer when the Nico and Leo are here visiting from their side of the ocean (currently Switzerland), we make a point to take a cousins picture. This is not an easy thing to do. But, it is worth it.

This is one of the pictures from 2008. Look at tiny Fiona. Here we are last summer in 2009. Fiona is not so tiny any more. Actually they have all grown.
This year, we thought it might be easier/cheaper/more convenient to the picture at my parent's house ourselves. We get to have Adele in the shot this year.
Our 7 kiddos. Cheaper. Yes. Convenient. Yes. Easier. NO. We tried tonight. Really with no success. How do you take a picture of 7 kids? That's 14 hands, 14 eyes, and 7 smiles. All moving at the same time in different directions. To catch that split second that they are all willing, sitting, smiling and hands down all at the same time is next to impossible. Louise has some great ideas...props (huge lollipops) and a fun "name that animal game." We are going to have to work on the lighting too. Here's hoping! We are NOT giving up.


Unknown said...

Yeah for self photography! Now if we had professional models in our families that knew how to work with the camera :) The pictures are great for memories' sake regardless of how many fingers are in their neighbor's eye.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Great job to all of you on the pics! I can't wait to get my copies :)

Julie W said...

photoshop! They are still cute and like Lori said, good memories.