Saturday, November 24, 2012

We're all still here

I miss my blog. I have fallen behind and there is no way to play catch-up. We have traveled, had birthdays, graduated, got jobs, gained pets, hung out with friends, had family reunions and gained a new neice. Like I said there is no way to play catch-up except for featuring this kiddo.
This is baby Virginia (seriously one of the cutest babies in the world) who is well loved by her Apple Valley cousins, aunt, and uncle! We cannot wait to see her in a few weeks. But, like I said no way to catch up. I will leave you now with the fact that we are all still here in our Apple Valley world.
 Erik is still programming and gaming.
 Emily is still dancing and now singing.
 Ryan is still avoiding homework and gaming.
Andrew is still hanging with friends and gaming...and so exstatic that I got a new camera and am going to restart this blog.