Monday, September 29, 2008

Fourth picture TAG

Instructions: Go to your pictures file and pull the fourth picture from your fourth folder. Post it.
This is the fourth picture in a picture file on my computer. Unfortunately, our main stash of pictures is hard to get to at the moment. (Erik is having computer difficulties). I really like this blog tag game. I LOVE looking at pictures. I love going back and remembering different times in our lives. This picture is of Ryan and Grandpa Lee. They are on Lauri and Kent's pond in Washington. I cannot wait to see the pictures from Lauren, Tiffany, Lori and Sarah. Girls consider yourselves tagged.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend in Arizona

BYU was probably one of my favorite times in life. It was carefree, fun and filled with amazing people that have had a life long affect on me. We have tons of silly fact at one point we were even asked if we even had classes. I think we did. Anyway, I have been lucky enough to keep in touch with many of these guys. We decided that it was time for another girls weekend and decided on the beautiful state of Arizona to meet up.
Here are the four of us..Maren, Cynthia, Amy and me. Aryn could not make it this year. Hopefully next time my dear...we missed you.I loved having this weekend break. I loved seeing these guys. I loved all the laughing, catching up, laughing, Playing Loaded Questions, laughing, swimming, movies (we educated ourselves with a documentary) crafts and food. Food. Food.

These guys are so much fun to be around. Cynthia brought old pictures and it was fun to piece together the memories. We also created new ones too. Amy did a great job of showing us around her home town. She had the schedule and other important information typed and laminated ready in her car. Shout out for organization...Maren brought Loaded Questions and brownies. That game was so funny. We were able to name Maren's a new LOVE song and we uncovered Amy's crush on Mathew Fox. Jester'z was a hit. It was an improv comedy show a lot like the Garrens that we frequented back in good ol' Provo. Hopefully, Cynthia's ears have stopped ringing. The lady next to her was laughing so loud it think it could have caused permanent damage. We did hit the hotel pool. We stood there in the water, got wet and then we got out. Yes, Brent it was 5:15. We made our 6:00 dinner plans. It's all good.
I cannot wait for our next weekend. Pack up your snow pants girls...MN is a callin.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Slice of Life

I have been working at Target for a couple of weeks now. For the most part this job has been entertaining and fun. We are enjoying the discount too. I am a fan of the shorter shifts...yesterday was just tooooo long. Anyway, I have tons of people come through my line. I get all types. I have the all business, the cute kids that have saved their pennies for a toy or something, the tired mom usually accompanied by a screaming child (now I know what I look like), the slightly creepy people, the dog people, and the instant friend.

Let me explain the last one. These guys are my favorite. They are incredibly friendly. I have only had three come through my line. The first one was a WIC mom. She was so happy, loving her baby, loving the clearance section and generally seemed grateful for life. I wanted to be friends with her..slip her my number for a fun lunch or something. But, I would only come across as creepy Target lady so I didn't. Yesterday, I had a couple come through my line. Right away, the lady says, "Hi Cathy!" I, of course, panicked because I didn't recognize her. Then I remembered my fun name tag. Through out the entire transaction they are talking about their recent move, their adventures, and just joking around. I loved it. I hope they come through my line again. These are the people that make me want to be a better, kinder person.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Last Sunday, Andrew was asked to give a talk on prayer. So, we were writing it this morning. (We didn't want to be too prepared) We were talking about what we could pray know thanks for the home, family, cars..Andrew wanted to make sure to say money etc. Emily walks in and says, "Heavenly Father will answer those prayers, it's just he doesn't answer ones about getting a baby sister." does anyone have a baby we can borrow for awhile?
Maybe Louise would give us Fiona..I'm just putting it out there : )

Friday, September 5, 2008

Our first day

School has started. The bus comes and they are still all smiles. We are managing to get to the bus stop at least 20 minutes early each day. (being first on the bus is VERY important of one of my children..I will let you guess who)
Andrew has one more year until kindergarten. This year he is hitting speech 3 times a week. He also gets to ride the bus to and from speech. They pick him up right in front of our house. It is wonderful.