Monday, January 25, 2010

My first week accomplishments

My first week back I was:
1. able to find all my classes
2. able to show up on time
3. set up campus parking at the Institute building
4. find the bookstore
5. finish buying my books
6. set off the bookstore alarm while trying to leave the bookstore. Was searched to no avail by fellow student. Left the bookstore.
7. able to get my student ID made (I still have not looked at the picture though)
8. able to open an unnecessary student bank account. Not sure why.
9. able to figure out web-vista and other class websites.
10. able to show up to my Cognitive Psych. class early on Thursday. Picked out a good seat. Waited about 5 minutes. Noticed that there were to many boys in my class. Realized I was in the wrong classroom. I then discreetly walked across the hall to the right classroom.
11. able to read my textbooks more this week than my entire Sophomore year at the Y.

12. I was able to email one of my professors while watching the Vikings game last night. I don't want to talk about the Vikings game!! I really don't want to talk about the Vikings game.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Craziest way down the hill

There's no school today. The weather was Minnesota warm, so we went tubing again.We picked up Lauren and Trenton (our neighbors) and hit our favorite tubing hill (again).I like this hill because there is so much freedom. The kids can link tubes, ride together, ride solo, ride on tummies, ride on knees etc. Really no regulations (unlike a certain other more expensive tubing hill).
They found some really creative ways to get down the hill. The hill was nice and icy so we got going pretty fast.I think the "Craziest way down the Hill" prize goes to Andrew Andrew was laughing and yelling,"Man overboard" the whole way down. At the bottom, he jumped up and wanted to do it again. Seriously, who wouldn't want to get dragged down the tubing hill on their bum? This kid has no bum padding either. It makes my rear ache just looking at it.

Monday, January 11, 2010

What am I going to write about?

Tons of things have happened here at the Apple Valley Household.

*I could write about how much I love switching to 9am church. Seriously. This is the first time ever in my life I love 9 am church. It works for us. But, I am not going to write about that.
*I could also write about taking my PPST test this past Friday. I could write about failing EVERY practice test. I could write about resolving myself to the fact that I would FAIL miserably and yet I passed. Evidence of miracles in my life...
*I could write about Emily racing through the house excitedly because it had warmed up to zero degrees and now it was "warm" enough to go ice-skating with Erik.
*I could write about the fact that today is Erik's first day at a new happy he is employed :)
*I could write about having my cousin Beqi move 10 minutes away from my house and how excited I am to live near more family.
*I could write about hanging out with friends and family..playing games. I could even mention Robert's amazing Hearts playing ability (he "shot the moon" two times in a row) or Erik and my lack of Newlywed game playing ability. We lost for the millionth time in a row..

But, today I am going to write about this:The cubbies are up and functional! These bins and hooks are bringing some organization of a completely unorganized season. I love them.