Saturday, August 29, 2009

Test and Tune

Erik and my brother Ben are part of the auto-cross club. This means that they have an excuse to buy an automobile other than a mini-van (or in our family's case a Mazada 5) and they get to drive really fast and crazy.
Today was the test and tune event out at the Dakota Technical College.
Erik's current auto-cross car is a turbo Miata. This car is really loud. This car has a good kick to it too.The drivers have to help run the event for two hours...and then they get to drive the courses the rest of the day. I brought the kids along to watch them drive.
The guys were so fun to watch that the kids wanted to ride along.Too bad for the have to be 18 or over to ride along. It was my first time today. For some reason, I didn't have to prove my age. I wonder why.Now I really see why they like going to these things. It was crazy going around the cones at super fast speeds. I'm hooked. I told Erik it made me want to drive too. He kind-of laughed off that idea.I got to ride with Ben too. He took me on both the longer and the shorter courses.The cars are so it is hard to say who has the fastest car. I think Louise and I should go and drive in the next event! Are you in Lou?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Still the most wonderful time...

I know I posted this last year...but it makes me happy on a crabby day.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthday Party Part 1

It is time for Emily's birthday party. Last year was so much fun, we decided to go with another slumber party. We limited Emily to four friends. First we made a run for the border. I am not going to say who...but one of these girls had never been to Taco Bell. Mine on the other hand was well versed in the Taco Bell menu.
We then hit Nickelodeon Universe. Here's Nicole, Emily T, Spongebob, Emily F., Maria and Lauren.
The girls had a BLAST! As part of the party favors, everyone got matching shirts. We were the pink ladies running from ride to ride. Of course I took about a million pictures.
The night was perfect. We got the girls unlimited ride wrist bands and there were barely any lines!
They were able to go on all the rides a bunch of times.
Here are friends Lauren, Nicole and Maria. We are just starting our night.
Eventually they were all feeling brave. We decided to try the Flying Dutchman Ropes Course.
They were all ready to give it a try. I was impressed that they even wanted to try. Nicole made it up the first flight of stairs and decided she had had enough. She came back down.
Lauren made it up half way to the top...and came back down. I was not kidding when I said it was TERRIFYING!
These three made it to the top and rang the bell.
First MariaThen Emily T.Then Emily F. Good job to all :)
Here these three are cheering on Lauren and Emily F. They went on the Avatar ride. We stayed until they closed the park.
By the end we were some of the last people at the MOA. The workers would hear what ride we were going to and call ahead to warn the next ride. These girls had SO MUCH energy. I think the favorite rides were Rock Bottom, Jimmy Neutron and the Swings.
When we got home, the girls played around in the basement. Make-up and strobe lights.
They are now trying to wind down and watch the Hannah Montana Movie. It is going to be a LATE night. FYI movie is over 0/5 asleep or even tired. Wait make that 1 that is tired...ME!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Life's paths meet somewhere

As some of you may know, I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.
That makes five total kids in my family. As time has gone by, life has taken us in very different directions. We are each experiencing life to its fullest....
this one just got back from the Dominican Republic
life took this one to Switzerland to reside
this one got married in a kilt
and this one publishes books and travels all over the place!
We love to hang out together. We know how to really enjoy time together and how to make each other laugh. It is wonderful. We have found the perfect place for our life's paths to cross. We get to remember good times and catch up with each other. Where else? VALLEY FAIR

John and Carol have been in town. So that means we hit the road to Valley Fair. Sadly Laurie (not in town) and Louise (expecting baby #2) were not able to come this year..we missed you guys and look forward to next time with you! Dad and the sibs have been going for a few years now (most significant others have always been too wimpy to participate).

Actually Valley Fair is the perfect activity to do with a fun group of people. No one has to bowl..and you are not silenced by a movie. Plus it is SUPER FUN!
This year to round out the numbers I brought Ryan with us. It was his first trip to Valley Fair and he was fearless. Here we are ready to go on the Wild Thing. Ryan thought it should be called,"the Mild Thing."
Again the Power Tower wins for most intense build-up. It is scary sitting up on top to the tower just waiting to drop down to your death...we did that one twice :).
I love this tradition. I love that Ryan got the chance to interact with the adults in the family. I can't wait until next time!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Camping time

It's that time of year. It is the Tennant Family Annual Camp-Out. We like to find the most remote part of our back yard and practice our survival skills.
This year we made stuffed potatoes for dinner and banana boats for dessert in the camp fire. Erik found the recipes on-line. I had remembered making banana boats at girls camp, so we tried them out. Jury is still out on those (Andrew gave two thumbs up for the marshmellow and chocolate portion of the boats).
We did take some time to practice our fire bending skills...yes we are huge Avatar fans!
Of course the best part of the camp out for the kids is sleeping in the tent. As they were falling asleep I read the kids a Junie B. Jones book (chosen in honor of Andrew starting Kindergarten this year).
Actually, I think that Ashley loved sleeping outside in the tent the most.

Friday, August 21, 2009

School's Gardens

As you might of noticed we are back from here.
and already missing the schedule free/carefree feelings of vacation...sigh..
(I have to add this picture because it is one of the few of Andrew on the beach not squinting)
This week we got a chance to help do some gardening at our school.
The girls were supposed to work for three days..but got all the work done in two instead. I missed the first day, but sent my mom and Andrew to take my place. It was so nice of them to go and I hear they worked HARD.It was fun to work, but I think it was more fun to see friends that we haven't seen much of this summer. Working at the school's gardens is a great way to feel connected and have ownership in our school (as you know school is just around the corner hehehe).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

When life gives you go swimming

Well, we are in the Northwest. We are in Oregon to be exact.What is one of the things Oregon is famous for? I'll just tell you..rain. But rain might get some people down, not these guys though. While we were waiting for the sun to shine the kids got to hit the pool at Granpa's place. Like Ryan said, "swimming in the rain is better because you are already wet!"

Some of the jumps got pretty fancy!
Nice form Emily. Good times in the rain.
The sun did come out though! We ran to the ocean.and we hit the the waves ("we" is a loosely used term here someone had to take pictures)
and the sand dunes. It is such a pretty day we decided to stay here one more night. I am off to build a sand castle!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Manzanita time

It's Manzanita Time! Every year since Erik was a small fry, his family has been coming to Manzanita to spend time together at the coast. This tradition is still going strong.
We were lucky to get the same house as last year! It is a block and a half from the beach.
As soon as we unloaded the van, we ran to the coast.
We had fun jumping waves
Running from the waves
and just goofing around.

This morning we went to explore the tide pools.
When I was little, I remember my teacher passing around a box with shells and other things from tide pools. That started my fascination with tide pools. I guess I have always been destined to join the Manzanita crowd : )
Now I am lucky to get to go each year with my family to walk around and explore them.
This year we found tons of star fish
Tons of sea anemones.
I have to say that I am really happy that my kids love the coast and love the tide pools.
Emily loves exploring with her cousin Lauren.
Actually, Emily loves doing anything with her cousin Lauren!

And Ry loves doing anything with me!! : )