Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our week

It was super hot on Monday. We decided to spend the day at the water park.
We had a blast! They added two new slides and a lazy river.

We were swimming,
We were floating
and floating.

We were splashing.
We were jumping
and generally goofing around.
Now we have been and still are paying for this incredible day.

After our day in the sun, some of us look like this

and others look this this.

I have felt like this
Sorry, sad and guilty...except I'm red-not blue- too..
So the rest of the week we have been hiding from the sun and applying aloe and cool cloths to our burns.

Today we have finally felt slightly better.
We decided to go see this
Safe from the hot sun...and actually it was a REALLY cute movie.

I piled five children into my car. All in good spirits. We had one stop to make before we got to the theater. As we were all piling out of the car, I noticed Andrew was only wearing this (and he was not dreaming).
We added a quick trip to Target to pick up some shorts.
Now before we go any where I get to check for shoes AND pants! I can't win!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

That ladder

I could NOT sleep last night. So I started going through old pictures. I love going through old pictures. I added a ton to our picture frame in the living room...so you are all saved from them being posted here. But a few weeks ago I shared this picture of Emily at Jensen Lake Park. I also shared the fact that Emily has been climbing this ladder all her life! Here's the proof:

When I saw this....
I remembered this.
Same kid...same park...same ladder.
(Going through old pictures late at night turns me into such a sentimental sap!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Catch up

I have so much catching up to do that I don't really even know where to start. I could talk about school being over..
I have to say that I am very happy to not be meeting the bus at 8 am each day. I am also happy that my kids now (for the most part) let me sleep in too. I really enjoy a good sleep in!
I also could talk about Erik and Laurie's birthday party. Yep..they are both a year older (notice Laurie was in town for a fun visit). Happy Birthday guys!
I could write about hosting book club. I was excited because I found the author's blog and emailed her. She emailed me back with fun information about the book to read to the book club. (You should read this book too btw)
I could write about the super fun visit with Josh and Sarah plus kids. They drove through on their way to Montana from Indiana. We swam, rode rides at the MOA and ate yummy food. Emily had a great time with Paige and Max! Can't wait to see them again and then they will get their own post.
I could write to say that gymnastics has started for Andrew and Emily
and tennis has started for Ryan
I could include a fun story about bowling with friends and ME beating Erik. I have to enjoy that one because it won't ever happen again! My great win included 4 strikes (well one of the strikes was technically a spare..but it was a spare that involved a gutter ball..so I am counting it as a strike)!
I could write about taking six kids bowling by myself. We actually had a fun time and the kids were really good!

So get excited because summer has started...it is going to be busy. It is going to be filled with friends and family and fun. I cannot wait to share it with EVERYONE!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Spy People

I was cleaning/straightening up the basement the other day. I found out we actually have carpet down there. I also found a notebook (among other things) on the floor . I opened it, hoping that is would be Andrew's speech notebook. It wasn't it. It was notes from the "Spy People." You see, for game night the kids are sent downstairs to play and watch movies...adults stay upstairs and play games. They stay on their turf and we stay on ours..at least that is what we thought.

*Wavid-explaining game,!making jokes! laughing!

*Tori-explaining game! making jokes! laughing!

Cathy-understanding game! making jokes! laughing!

Erik-asking Questions! making jokes! laughing!

I wonder what the jokes were...obviously funny.

Spy people are busted :). To bad their notes do not self destruct.

*I changed the names for Lori and David's privacy..opps