Sunday, June 29, 2008

The motorcycle

David Little was nice enough to bring his motorcycle over Saturday night. He gave Ryan and Emily rides around the block. They had so much fun!
"That was SO cool!" -Ryan
Emily was all smiles and said it was super fun. She wanted to go again and again.
My motorcycle boy Andrew was to shy to actually go for a ride. Maybe next time.
I even hopped on. I LOVED it. I so want a motorcycle now! Can't you see it? Actually, I want Erik to get one and he can take me around town!

Camp Invention

Every summer, Tiffany and I sign the boys up fun camps to fill up their summers. Last year they went to a rocket camp and learned about space. They built rockets and got to launch them on the last day. Last February, Tiffany had a brilliant plan. We signed Trevor and Ry up for Inventor's camp. They just had it this past week. They had to bring a broken machine and take it apart and build something else. For me, the best part was that it was from 9-3:30 everyday. I am sure that Ryan would say the best part was inventing a machine that pops water balloons.
Ry was paired with a boy named Alec. They got along great. Their machine popped water balloons by dropping it onto a sharp object. It was a great idea and it worked pretty well. On the last day, they had a show case to show the parents all that the kiddos were up to all week. It was amazing. They were so busy. They were learning and having fun. No video games were involved. Ry and Trevor want to do it again next summer. I think Emily will sign up too.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


This post is inspired by the what happened this morning. Andrew and Emily were watching some cartoons and Andrew came running into the kitchen. He picked up the phone. Emily is yelling a phone number to order space bags. I, of course, tell them not to call. They both start telling me how great this deal is and that we HAVE to buy them. This all reminded me of Andrew's other obsession from the TV. It is the Buxton Organizer.
Have you seen the commercials for this gem? Andrew has decided I really need this purse. Every time the commercial comes on he gets excited. The commercial is so funny. They even show a blindfolded lady able to find stuff in her "oh so organized" bag. Seriously, my purse is a mess. Surprise, Surprise. Now, if I struggle to find anything in my purse Andrew pipes in with a comment on how fast I could find it if I had "that purse." If you have the Buxton organizer Andrew would be proud. I think it might be time to turn off the nanny and go have some fun.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Dog Story

I love checking the pioneer woman blog. I don't know her and will never meet her in person, but I love to check in and see what she is up to on almost a daily basis. could be seen as blog stalking. Anyway. Every now and then she devotes her daily post to her dog. Whenever I read about her Charlie it makes me think of my dog story and my Ashley. We are also reading Where the Red Fern Grows for book club this month. So I have dogs on the brain. First you must know that when I was a child, I wanted a dog. I begged for a dog. I was told that I could not have a dog until I had my own house. I can remember building a little house in the back yard out of logs. I think I got a chuckle out of the parents...but clearly that was not the kind of house they were talking about.
When Erik and I moved to Minnesota we got a house. It had a fenced in back yard. I was excited to finally get my puppy. Seriously who could pass up those ears and those paws. We named him "Goalbee." Actually that is what Ryan named him. But, I also had one of these...
I had no idea how much work a puppy was and I was still struggling with the whole new baby thing. All I knew was one had to go...or I would have a nervous break down. So we tossed a coin and said good-bye to Goalbee. We seriously did find a great farm for him to grow up on. I really hope he is happy. Well, we eventually moved to Apple Valley and had Andrew. He was seriously 3 months old and I found this...
This is Ashley. She was getting ready to go to an adoption day at the local Petsmart when I saw her. Somehow I knew she was the one for us. Yes..I had these (plus another one that was probably playing video games during this picture)
Somehow this time it was right. It helped that Ashley was not a puppy. She was already potty trained and really even now she doesn't bark much at all. She really goes with the whatever chaos is happening at the moment. I can say this dog loves or at least tolerates all the different kiddos that pass through our front door. She is relaxed and follows me all over the house. Every family needs an Ashley.
We are lucky to have her in our home. Yes..I will admit she is fatter now, but still so sweet.
The jury is still out on Alice...the snake not the girl!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The reception

Wow! Can these guys throw a party. The reception was at the Biltmore in Atlanta, Georgia. It was dinner and dancing . The room was incredible. Seriously straight off the wedding T.V. shows. My pictures do not do it justice at all! The food was delicious and the flowers were amazing.
Our table was right up front by the long bridal party table. I was nervous to be up front. Andrew got lots of presents for being in the wedding. All with a fishing theme. We decided to bring this game so that he would not go crazy waiting for food or whatever to get started. It turned out to be a good thing for him to do as he waited for the dancing to begin. You can see it entertained more than just Andrew : )
I have to give a shout out to the cake. It was really pretty. Sad to cut...but let me tell you I am glad they did. It was so YUMMY! After all the food was eaten and the bride and groom danced their first dance together we all got to jump onto to the dance floor. It was so much fun. Emily stayed close to the bride and groom. She danced at least 10 times with Lisa and about 6 times with Steven. Everyone was so nice to her. She was seriously in the center of the dance floor the entire night. Shy she was not! Andrew joined in too. He told me he could dance all night. He had a "raise the roof"/ Egyptian arm movement going on the whole night and a huge smile. At the end, we got to throw rose petals at the bride and groom as they got into their limo. I am so glad we were there to share their day. I don't know what is up with some of the slide show captions..sorry.

I know this is a lot of wedding pictures. But, like Lisa told Emily. "We are going to take so many pictures of us together we won't even be able to look at them all!" That's what I did.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The wedding

As many of you know, we got to be part of my cousin Lisa's wedding. Emily was a flower girl and Andrew was a ring bearer. They were so excited to be part of this incredible wedding. This will be a great memory for us. The entire weekend was filled with events. I will save the reception for tomorrow. Believe deserves its own post! Lisa and Emily looked beautiful in their dresses.
Andrew was amazing in his tux. He loved that he got a rose like all the other guys. Steven looked pretty good that day too.

Below is a slide show of the rehearsal..the rehearsal dinner and pre-wedding. The wedding was in a great church with beautiful stained glass windows. The entire event went beautifully. I got slightly nervous when Andrew came and sat down next to me holding the rings. I soon realized someone very smart decided not to let the four year old hold the real rings. As soon as he sat down next to Grandma Ginger..he feel asleep. Yes he snores. Emily looked amazing too. She is going to remember this forever. I was so proud to be their mom.

The wedding

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Big things goin' on

Today was finally the last day of school. Notice Ryan is the first on the bus. For the past month or so he has been getting to the bus stop 35 minutes early just to be first. I am so happy that we do not have to meet the bus at 7:30 for a few months. Hooray for slow mornings!
Emily randomly broke out into a happy dance!
One tradition at school is a student show-case (talent) show on the last day of school. They have try-outs and pick a few students from each grade level. This is Emily's second year in the show. Last year she and a friend put together a cheer. This year Jade, Emily and Maria put together a really cute dance to a Hannah Montana song. We got to see the show. It was wonderful. They did the entire thing themselves. FYI Emily is the one in the middle. (Amy, don't you think they should have used plaid shiny skirts? oh well not everyone can be as cool as we were)
Now we are getting ready for this wedding. The flower girl and ring-bearer have their outfits. We tried them on tonight to show Erik. This is a warning that there are about to be a bunch of pictures of Em in her puffy dress and Andrew in his tux.
Get Excited. (the face-painting will be gone on the actual day)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday

The big day has come...Erik had a birthday. Emily doesn't think dad will like that I tell his age. Honestly, this year he has been a good sport about the whole getting older thing. Thank goodness! We got to go out to dinner with good friends, followed by a fun round of mini-golf. We gave up on my score about 1/2 way through the fun outing. So, we will never know for sure if Robert really won. My parents also had us over for a yummy BBQ. I still have not come up with a good gift for the guy. Any ideas? It is an honor to have a whole post about that enough? hehehe

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Zoo

We live within walking distance of the Zoo. (not that I have ever walked, but I know people that have). Yesterday was opening day of the new Russia's Grizzly Coast exhibit. Usually I try to stay away from the zoo on Saturdays, but I thought it would be fun to be there on opening day. So we loaded up the kiddos + Maria and hit the zoo. The new exhibit is amazing. One of the bears came right up to Emily and put its paws up and the glass and stared at her. It was in a friendly, non-hungry way of course. I cannot wait to go back and see it again.
While we were walking into the zoo, Ryan bumped his knee. He decides he has to limp and complain all the way into the zoo. (very dramatic) We get in the gate and the girls instantly start asking for stuffed animals. My visions of fun zoo trip is fading away fast. Luckily, one of the workers hears the girls. She tells us that if we hurry, they are giving away a limited number of free stuffed bears by the bear exhibit. Of course, the girls take off running. Hot on their heels is Ryan my non-mover. I run with them. I tell Ry I have to stop and walk. He tells me I cannot walk. "We have to RUN!" So we GOT the bears. We all were able to have a happy time. It is amazing how a free toy can make a bumped knee disappear.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Night

It is Friday night. In my ongoing effort of make children tired, I decided it would be fun to take the kids to the Children's Museum. It is in St. Paul. These guys have been going here since they were teeny tiny. It never gets old. We have a blast. I will let you in on a secret. Friday night is the BEST time to take kiddos to the Children's Museum. Open late, really empty and quiet.... at least until we get there : ). Tiffany brought her boys too. It's always fun to go with them! Here are some highlights of the evening.

They opened up the rooftop for outdoor sand and water displays. Fun times.

Tonight they also had a fairy tale room. This was part of the Cinderella story. Did you know that "they" have found some form of this story from the 9th century in China.

Another room has a factory display. The kiddos all have to work together to move around the large gray cubes. Kevin was loving this job! This is a room that does not change. It is so amazing..all ages love this "factory" and it never gets old.
Ethan was running the factory.
I was snapping away with the camera and captured Andrew. He was done with the whole picture thing.

This is the wilderness room. These guys are inside a huge ant hill. It has tunnels and slides for the kiddos to climb around in. Em and Maria found the queen ant.
Oh did I mention that Maria was spending the night? (another reason I wanted to wear these guys out!) They are still downstairs giggling and watching movies. Not sure if my plan worked.
Don't get excited, they are faking.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Grandma is 90!

Well, that was kind of a teaser. I posted the title and lost my will to blog yesterday. So I am going to actually finish this post. I mean seriously, you don't turn 90 every day.
We had a great BBQ at the park right next to grandma's home. This was also Grandma's first time meeting the very wonderful Fiona. As you see, all the Minnesota Hamers were there. I have to share a funny conversation:
Me: (trying to start a conversation) So, Grandma what sports did you play when you were young?
Grandma: Oh I don't remember
Me: Well, they probably didn't really have that many girl's sports when you were in school.
This is where grandma kind-of faded off..not sure if she really heard me. She probably did though. So dad joined in and tried to ask again what sports they had for girls.
Grandma: (irritated) Yes they had sports for girls! What do you think, I'm 100 years old?
No one thinks you are 100 hehehe. Oh good times!

The cake was really yummy. Good job to all involved
I have to add this picture. It is of dad and my aunt Gail. When we are all together, one of my favorite things is when dad gets Gail laughing. She loves it when dad teases her. Here he was probably talking about eating something gross. I cannot remember.