Thursday, October 18, 2007

We discover yummy treats along the way!

Like all good Minnesotans, we stopped on the way there (and back) at Tobies. It is a yummy bakery in Hinkley, Minnesota. The ladies all thought Andrew was so cute and one gave him a free bag of of pretzels. Yes, I had some goodies too, but somehow a picture of me stuffing my face isn't as fun to look at.


Aryn said...

Wow, Cathy - I look away for one minute and you've gone post crazy! :) I love it! Looks like you guys ared going some serious partying... and are these your parents?

I want to come to Minnesota.

Cynthia said...


You guys do such fun stuff...I need to take lessons from you on how to be a fun parent! Minnesota looks so beautiful, I definitely need to get up there sometime.

Looks like Ginger and Harrison came along for the ride too--fun times!