Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ryan gets baptized

Ryan was able to be baptized this past Saturday at our church in Burnsville. It was such a great meeting. Emily gave a talk and so did Grandma Ginger. He even got to discuss video games with grandma in the middle of her talk...could life be better for Ry? It was very special to have Grandpa Lee here to baptize Ryan and great to have some of our family and close friends there to support him. Right after he was baptized he asks, "is that it?" After the ceremony, we hit a yummy buffet. What a happy time.


Aryn said...

I'm glad you titled that one picture "At the Buffet." I was a little confused, thought maybe they dropped Ryan down some dark abyss.

How is it you have a kid old enough to be baptized when you are still, like, 19? I'm confused.

Maren Elliott said...

Congratulations, Ryan! Great photos.