Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Alice joins our home

Yes..you all see correctly. This a picture of a new living thing at our home. This is also a picture of what happens when your husband goes on Craig's list on his own. This picture doesn't do it justice..it is close to two feet long. Emily is absolutely excited about Alice and constantly wants to get it out of its cage. Ryan thought it was great. Andrew looks at it through the cage and was excited to see it this morning and show me it was under the log thing in its home. We will be having daily random, "is Alice in her cage?" checks. Of course Erik likes it a bunch. Now that brings us to my reaction. For the record I have not been a big fan of snakes. That being said, I have a scared fascination with Alice. It reminds me of my pet lizard. I was in grade school and for some reason I came home from Southdale (the local mall) with this scary pet. I was terrified of it. When it was time to clean the cage I had to have someone else take it out of the cage and I was in the other room hoping it would not jump on me. I guess it was an adrenalin rush. Well, as time went on the lizard died. I actually waited a day or so to clean out the cage. I had my mom help dump the contents of the cage into a garbage bag. (which I will not do for my kids when it is time for Alice's Funeral) I kid you not it jumped out of the bag and in my memory landed on me. I don't know who was more scared, me or the thing getting thrown out. It lived for awhile after that too. So our dear Alice is now in my life and I am scared fascinated with it too. Fear not, I will be no where near its feeding times or cleaning of the cage time. I am also not to sure I will EVER open the cage on my own. But, I will stare at it, cringe at it and be happy for my kiddos (Erik included). Now it better not escape or I will be moving out of the house until it is found...not joking!!


Carol said...

My kids would love that!!! They got a new video about snakes recently, so it's their current favorite animal. I hope we'll get to see it when we visit this summer!!!

p.s. I'm glad it's you and not me... ;-)

Cathy said...

I cannot wait for them to meet Alice! Bring 'em on over! I am so excited for you guys to visit.

Glenda said...

Well let me tell you Cathy, Erik had a snake when he was a teenager. I dreaded that thing. One time it got out and crawled under or into the sofa. I just freaked and told him in no certain terms that the SNAKE HAD TO GO....and I meant it. I could just feel that thing crawl on me. I would have died right there. Guess Erik has not outgrown such things. LOL

Erik's Mom glenda