Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend in Arizona

BYU was probably one of my favorite times in life. It was carefree, fun and filled with amazing people that have had a life long affect on me. We have tons of silly fact at one point we were even asked if we even had classes. I think we did. Anyway, I have been lucky enough to keep in touch with many of these guys. We decided that it was time for another girls weekend and decided on the beautiful state of Arizona to meet up.
Here are the four of us..Maren, Cynthia, Amy and me. Aryn could not make it this year. Hopefully next time my dear...we missed you.I loved having this weekend break. I loved seeing these guys. I loved all the laughing, catching up, laughing, Playing Loaded Questions, laughing, swimming, movies (we educated ourselves with a documentary) crafts and food. Food. Food.

These guys are so much fun to be around. Cynthia brought old pictures and it was fun to piece together the memories. We also created new ones too. Amy did a great job of showing us around her home town. She had the schedule and other important information typed and laminated ready in her car. Shout out for organization...Maren brought Loaded Questions and brownies. That game was so funny. We were able to name Maren's a new LOVE song and we uncovered Amy's crush on Mathew Fox. Jester'z was a hit. It was an improv comedy show a lot like the Garrens that we frequented back in good ol' Provo. Hopefully, Cynthia's ears have stopped ringing. The lady next to her was laughing so loud it think it could have caused permanent damage. We did hit the hotel pool. We stood there in the water, got wet and then we got out. Yes, Brent it was 5:15. We made our 6:00 dinner plans. It's all good.
I cannot wait for our next weekend. Pack up your snow pants girls...MN is a callin.


Aryn said...

Ah, you all look as young and lovely as ever! And pregnant Maren... what fun. Just let me know when to arrive in MN.... I'm there.

Unknown said...

I'm lifting all your photos, but you said it all. Maybe I'll just link to your page from mine. Well done, my friend. I miss you all already!!

Cynthia said...

Love it! That weekend was so much fun. Thanks for the great pics and memories! I promise I will send you guys my pics soon! :) And something arrived in the mail for me today... you too?

Arizona Arnolds said...

You ladies are so cute! We had a lot of fun that night. I can now tell why you laughed and laughed all weekend. Really, does it get any better than this? I don't think so. Thanks for posting that crazy eye photo of John, now I can tell him why the neighborhood kids are scared of him! Ha ha