Monday, January 25, 2010

My first week accomplishments

My first week back I was:
1. able to find all my classes
2. able to show up on time
3. set up campus parking at the Institute building
4. find the bookstore
5. finish buying my books
6. set off the bookstore alarm while trying to leave the bookstore. Was searched to no avail by fellow student. Left the bookstore.
7. able to get my student ID made (I still have not looked at the picture though)
8. able to open an unnecessary student bank account. Not sure why.
9. able to figure out web-vista and other class websites.
10. able to show up to my Cognitive Psych. class early on Thursday. Picked out a good seat. Waited about 5 minutes. Noticed that there were to many boys in my class. Realized I was in the wrong classroom. I then discreetly walked across the hall to the right classroom.
11. able to read my textbooks more this week than my entire Sophomore year at the Y.

12. I was able to email one of my professors while watching the Vikings game last night. I don't want to talk about the Vikings game!! I really don't want to talk about the Vikings game.


Lori said...
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Cathy said...
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Lori said...

How 'bout those Vikings? At least Brett Favre didn't throw an intercepted pass near the end while they were tied... ohh wait!

Good job at school. I understand that your Bookstore hazing went okay. Welcome back!

The Zenn family said...

YAY! Sounds like an exciting first week. Good job!

Julie W said...

You are a brave girl. Good luck and study hard.

Anonymous said...
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Holly Thatcher said...

Sounds like a AWESOME 1st week! :)

Cynthia said...

I don't think you'll get anyone asking you "Do you have classes?!" this year. Way to go, Cath!!

Mark and Tara Christiansen said...

Wow! Good for you.

Erekson's said...

I didn't know you were going back to school! Good for you!

Lauren said...

well i believe that about 8 of the 12 things happened to me too. the book store alarm didn't go off, but i would pretty much check yes to the others :) i hope school is awesome for you! miss you!