Saturday, October 9, 2010

Family and Apples

We are having amazing weather around here. Weather that makes you want to cry if you have to stay inside. Weather that actually may be, dare I say, too warm. I take that back. It can never be too warm in October. We also have family visiting us this weekend. My cousin Atom and his fabulous family are here. It is so much fun to get to meet little Fletcher. He is adorable. We decided it would be fun to take these guys to an apple orchard. After all, they ARE visiting Apple Valley.Here are some the the cousins. Actually this is a picture of most of Grandma Hamer's great-grandchildren. Emily, Fletcher, Ry, Adele, Fiona and Andrew. A pretty cute and fun group of kiddos if I do say so myself : )
We went to the Fischer's Croix Farm Orchard in Hastings. We got to pick apples, eat apples, feed animals, eat apples, go on a wagon ride, eat apples, get lost in the corn maze and then eat some more apples.
It is so much fun to have so many members of the family together.
Anyone want to come over for homemade apple sauce? Better hurry : )

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