Sunday, January 16, 2011

Andrew's Questions

I have two quotes from Andrew-just to help you see how his mind works:
#1. A few days ago we were watching something on the internet and a commercial comes on for the 5 hour energy drink. A lady comes on the screen who is struggling to wake up in the morning, doesn't want to exercise etc. Then she drinks 5 Hour energy drink and she is amazingly awake and going for the day.
"Mom, can we get that? I could use it, I am SOO tired in the morning. That would help me be ready for the day."

#2. Yesterday we were out to lunch with all the Minnesota Hamers.
Andrew: "Mom, who would you rather be married? Grandpa [Bill] or Dad?"
Me: "Um, let me think about that..(very short pause) Dad."
Andrew: "why?"
I feel like here is where I tried to explain that you don't marry your parents, but he didn't accept that answer....
Me: "Well, he is my age."
Andrew: "Who would you rather be married, Grandpa Bill if he was your age, or Dad?"
Me: "Dad."
Andrew: "Why?"
Me: "He is smart"
Andrew: "and?"
Me: "He is clever."
Andrew: "and?"
Me: "He is funny."
Andrew: "and?"
Me: "He is handsome."
Andrew: "You are not saying what I am thinking."
Me: "What are thinking?"
Andrew: "He is PERFECT."
Then he puts his arms around both of us with a big smile.My next question should have been: "How much did Dad pay you for that?"


Lori said...

LOVE IT! It has been so fun to watch Andrew grow up. I remember when he would watch commercials about the purse organizer and declare in a most excited fashion that you needed that right away! Did you ever get it?

amyg @ My 3 Monsters said...

AWWWWWWWWWW! He's cute! (How much DID Eric pay him?)

Erekson's said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha, I love it, that is so funny! I miss you guys a lot!