Friday, March 18, 2011

Who's idea was this?

I have been gone. Really gone. The last 10 weeks have been crazy. School has kicked my butt. Now, I can happily say that my first student teaching experience is over. I start my Early childhood special education placement a week from Monday.

For now, here is a puppy update. He started out like this...small, cute and sleepy.And now he is like this...larger by the day, active and creatively naughty. Unfortunately, he is NOT doing the dishes! From what I am told, when he is done growing he won't need to use the step stool to engage in his naughty puppy acts....puppy class, here we come! (More dog news..:( to come tomorrow).


Julie W said...

Maybe at puppy class you can train him to do the dishes!

Lori said...

Do you know that I am scared of BIG dogs? Even if they are harmless, dish washing puppies. YIKES, he is getting HUGE!