Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sever's Corn Maze

MEA weekend is here. MEA is the two days in October that everyone in the state has off from school (except, of course, the U). We like to spend our MEA weekend doing something fun together with friends. This Fall has been glorious. We met up with the Burgoynes and went to Sever's Corn Maze. This year's theme is outer space. Here is the scarecrow that was at the entrance of the maze waiting to greet us and set the mood for the day. Ry wasn't lucky enough to get an astronaut helmet. Poor guy has no oxygen in this picture.
This is an aerial shot of the maze. As you can see it is huge. Scattered throughout the maze are signs with different letters and different space facts. Luckily, you are given a map to help you collect the facts. Trevor and Ry did a great job of helping us figure out the best routes to take. Andrew and Ethan had a bunch of fun running all over the place exploring, but mainly just chasing each other.I did manage to get a group shot of everyone at a sign within the maze. Andrew is standing behind Ryan. I told him I could not see him and ...he answered, "that's the point!" Such a cooperative child.
The maze was spectacular, but we really loved all the activities waiting for us when we finished it. First we played on the hay-bale maze. It soon became their favorite activity at the Fall Festival.
They didn't actually run through the maze part of the hay-bale maze. Just played on the tops of the walls.They played tag as they jumped and ran around.
Then we went over to the corn pool. Of course, this became their favorite activity at the Fall Festival. It was our first time in a pool of corn. The corn was surprisingly soothing. They played king of the mountain and they had fun burying each other. Everyone had a chance to be buried.

Seriously, who needs water when you can play in a pool of corn? The above picture is just one end of the pool, it was huge. While at the corn pool, we bumped into the Deans. This is another family we met when we first moved to Minnesota. What a fun surprise!
After the corn pool, we went over to the giant pillows.
They were two giant inflatable "pillows" that everyone got to jump on. You guessed it, this soon became the kids' favorite activity at the Fall Festival (do you see a pattern?).The game of tag continued on the pillows.
Other highlights include....launching pumpkins (not pictured), the camel rides,The giant slideand the pig races. We went through this rotation a few times before calling it a day. If you have the time, I highly recommend taking your family here (and this is NOT even a sponsored post...I really recommend it). But, if you go, can we come too?


Lori said...

I think that it would only make things better if the pigs raced in the pool of corn :)

Julie W said...

Looks just like Cornbelly's here in Lehi. They even have a space theme this year too. Way to have fun together. We didn't do anything exciting for UEA.

Kadbury said...

You guys have all the fun! Quit taking all the fun and leave some for the rest of us! ; )