Sunday, October 28, 2007

Getting to work

Over the past few weeks, Apple Valley has exploded with beautiful fall colors. We have really been enjoying the view. But, of course, we have to rake the leaves to get ready for the next season that is coming...not that we are in a hurry for it yet! Erik and the Apple Valley Kiddos worked together today and got a lot done. They filled 28 brown yard bags and we still have 1/2 our yard to go...and the leaves are still falling! Andrew took the first picture of dad. The next picture was of the stomping (mulching) the leaves so they can fit more leaves into the bags. The last one is Emily building up our big leaf pile. Mom, in case you were wondering... No parades were missed during making of these leaf piles..hehehe.


Grandma said...

I can't believe you haven't followed my great example to make leaf-raking seem like punishment! (That is, making you miss World Series parades and all!)
Instead you make it seem like more fun than a circus. What are you thinking?! ;)


Aryn said...

I can't believe you have kids that old! Aren't you still, like, 19? You look 19 to me... That little Emily looks like flower child right out of the 70's.... too cute.