Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Webkinz Crazy

This is our webkinz family. Have you heard of Webkinz? If you haven't, I am sure the little ones in your life have or will. Let me explain. Each one of these little animals came with a secret code. This code is then entered onto the Webkinz website. This gives you access to the webkinz world. There you adopt your pet. You earn "kinz cash" to buy things for your pet. You feed it. You bathe it and you even take it to the doctor every now and then. All on-line. Webkiz are everywhere. The marketing is amazing. Emily just went to a birthday party and her friend received 13 new webkinz. She now has 17. Ours all started with one birthday gift to Emily last summer. It has just snowballed. I am not complaining mind you. This has been something that all three of my kiddos love to do together. Even Erik has one (his is the Koala). They have been a big part of our family so I thought I would share.
I am a good webkinz grandma and can name each of my grandkinz.
Andrew's first webkins was the green frog named "Greenie". He also has "elephanty." The pig's name is "Spiderpig." He got that one when the Simpsons movie was out. Do you remember Homer's pig that he made walk on the ceiling? (Andrew has only seen the commercials). Andrew takes after the Hamer side of the family when naming things. Dad's dogs growing up were also named so originally. "Juno" was born in June and can you guess what color "Brownie" was? You get the idea.
Right now Ryan has the most Webkinz in his family. I am not sure how long this fad will last. For now we are having fun with it. I always buy our webkinz from the same place..and the lady at the Hallmark store knows us pretty well now. I think I might need to add her to my Christmas card list..not that I have been good at getting Christmas cards out. By the way..Merry Christmas. : )

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Mark and Tara Christiansen said...

Cathy this is great! My kids are webkinz crazy too. Though they only have one each. They should get together online and play.