Thursday, February 19, 2009

Beach Day

It is February. There is snow on the ground. I have been neglecting the laundry (not a lot of choices of clean clothes around here). What better time for a speech sponsored beach day? We found Andrew's Nemo pajamas, put a shark shirt over them, grabbed some glasses, socks, sandles and a hat, and swim suit...Ta Da Minnesotan beach bum.
I am all about the beach! I love it. I cannot wait to get back to the we embraced this theme. (Andrew is supposed to be swimming in the picture)
As he gets on the bus..I chuckle at the sandles and snow. I also have a mini-panick. I hope I got the day right (I have been asleep a lot lately). It is beach day right? If not, he is going to get some funny looks.
PS..Andrew just got home with a surf board and asked for surfing music so that he can show me his moves. I think I got the day right. Phew!

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Louise said...

Andrew always makes me smile! Most Awesome Outfit. Ever.