Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter isn't going anywhere

Winter isn't going anywhere so we thought that we might as well enjoy it.
After school today we decided to put off homework and go to Trapp Farm for some tubing action with the Littles. The day was amazing. Good temperatures and clear skies.
Unfortunately or maybe fortunately the hill was closed because of icy conditions. We showed up not knowing this small fact. It turned out that no tubes were needed and we had the hill to ourselves. All we had to do was get to the top of the hill...
Once we got to the top we had to hold on to the fence or we would slip and go sliding down the hill before we were ready.
When we were ready all we had to do was sit and go. We got some good speed too. Of course we ended the outing with some yummy hot chocolate from McDonalds (and cheeseburgers, nuggets and some fries).


Glenda said...

Just love your blog Cathy. Love to see the kids doing fun things., I just love you all sooooo much.


Novidades do Dias-Dias said...

I did not is fond of