Friday, August 22, 2008

The sleep over

On Wednesday we decided that we needed to have Emily's birthday party ASAP. (yes this is 2 parties 2 days in a row..we kept the decorations up) We wanted to have it before we all start thinking about school schedules and getting to bed early. Em and I made invitations. Actually, we bought everyone a pair of slippers and stuck an invitation in them. We delivered them. Guess what? Everyone could come. (last year we invited 15 girls and only 5 could come) We have 7 girls here trying to sleep. One girl left and is coming back in the morning.
These guys tried to drop their daughter off..we would not let them leave. Seriously THANK YOU for staying guys! These guys came up with the idea of setting the clocks ahead one hour, so the girls think they are up later. The girls are so happy that they are up so late..hehehe. While I am starting to hand out the Thank Yous..another big one goes to Grandma and Grandpa. They took the boys to the cabin for an overnight. All these girls would have killed the boys and we have been able to focus on the girls.
Can you tell that Erik is excited about the tie-dye activity?
This is what I see now...girls excited...girls not tired...but they are trying to settle down. (we are on our 2nd movie..Ice Princess. We just finished Aquamarine) It is 1 am/2am depending on what clock you check. See above explanation. I am now downstairs on Erik's computer trying to keep them quiet. So far this has been a really fun party. Yes, I would do this again. We have BBQed, played Apples to Apples Jr., colored, tie-died, had a"Midnight Hike" with glow necklaces (singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and yelling "lions and tigers and bears, Oh my" at the top of our lungs), dance party with strobe light, dress up and now movies. Alice the pet corn snake even got to come out and play for a while with the girls. Tomorrow...waffles, toe nails, shirts again, High School Musical sing on wii, and if we need it the park. 10am pick up time

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Lauren said...

you can tell Emily I think the dance party costume is very becomming :]

looks like fun!!