Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One afternoon

One afternoon I was enjoying a nice peaceful home when I decided to check on the kids. I knew they were playing outside enjoying the nice weather. I knew some neighbor kids were over. I just didn't expect to find this...Andrew was running around the back yard in only his underwear.
He's not phased, the other kids are not phased. It has even been in the 70s lately. Ok.. no harm done. (He did get some clothes on) Then, this morning I was waiting at the bus stop. Here comes Andrew running down the street. Again in only his underwear. He just wanted to see what was going on...Like my neighbor said, "at least he has underwear on." I would worry, but it is going to get cold sooner or later right?

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Scrappycook said...

Calvin likes to wear his pajamas all day long -I find that I just don't care. He's the third kid.