Friday, March 12, 2010

I have a concert tonight too

It is time for the spring music shows at school. Andrew's was first. I love watching the Kindergartners preform. The theme was music through the decades. Andrew got to be Buzz Lightyear in the "You've Got a Friend" song. That was a fun surprise.
Time is really going by fast! Our last kindergarten music show.
Last night was the fourth graders turn. Emily got to introduce a song
She also got to participate in a dance scene and play the tambourine We have an amazing music teacher. I am always so impressed with what the kiddos learn in music class. It is an amazing music experience and exploration rather than just singing some songs.

On the way to Emily's concert, Ryan mentions that he has a concert too tonight. Seriously? Was he planning on letting us in on this secret at all? This is one of the many fun differences between sons and daughters (specifically Ryan and Emily)...Erik checked the school website from his phone, and yes fifth graders were on too.Ry knew all the songs and seemed to be prepared for this surprise concert. I am glad he got to participate in the show...and that we were able to go to it.

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Julie W said...

That sounds so cool. Our kids have music for 4 days about every 5 weeks. No shows either, I think they might do some singing at assemblies at the school but it's just for the other students. Not enough room to invite the parents.