Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3 out of 4 done!

Every year, Emily has four dance performances. This past weekend was the third show for the year. It was at the Mall of America. The girls did a great job. They were able to do one dance and then they preformed 1/2 of a new dance that they are learning. They looked confident and like they were having a great time.
Emily invited her friend Maria to come and watch the show. Afterwords, they went on one ride together. They decided to go on the Pepsi Roller Coaster because it is the longest ride in the park.We were going to stay and enjoy the amusement park, but it was so crowded. We decided to go home and come back on a less crowded day. Really good choice!

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Larry said...

Love the picture of our little leprechan, Emily ... Happy St. Patrick's Day!