Sunday, September 26, 2010


Have you ever heard of Warrens, Wisconsin? It is the home of the world's largest cranberry festival. I personally have never heard of the town or the festival. Erik heard about it from someone at work. Since we were already thinking about going to the cabin we decided to try Cranfest out. One might ask, "What do you do at a cranberry festival?"The answer is simple. You buy all things cranberry. I came home with a cranberry candle, cranberry lotion, cranberry taffy, cranberry soap, and cranberry wassail spices. I cannot wait to make the wassail. Oh, of course we bought cranberries too. We also enjoyed some cranberry ice-cream. The ice cream was pretty good. Funny thing, there really was no place to buy cranberry juice except the Ocean Spray booth, so we opted out on that purchase (we can always hit Super Target for that one).
This festival has over 1200 booths. We spent four hours there and maybe saw 30% of it. If we had planned better, we could have gone on a tour of the cranberry fields-next year I guess. We did get to see about a million different craft booths and eat so many yummy fair foods. Emily bought herself a hanging hammock chair for her bedroom.
After the festival, we went back to our weekend at the cabin. The weather was incredible. We definitely enjoyed some relaxing time together. Gotta love a hammock on a crisp fall evening!

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Lori said...

I see now where you have been hiding. Spoil yourself :)