Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The day is finally here!!

This is a big school year for us.
First of all Ryan has started middle school. So far that transition has gone really well. On the first day, they have a WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) orientation. They are assigned a web group and 8th grade buddies and do bonding activities. It seems like a great program and Ry felt great about day 1. Seriously, he got to ride to school with his friend, his locker opened, he sat by his friend in home room, and lunch was fine. Who could ask for anything more?

Emily is very excited about fifth grade. She is in Mrs. Hembre and Mrs. Moe's class (they job share) and she has great friends in it. She is excited about all the fun things that the fifth graders traditionally get to do. Band, wax museum, bike rodeo/zoo trip etc. Plus, she is safety patrol co-captain. Very exciting year.
The biggest news is that Andrew is in first grade. That means he is gone all day. That means ALL my kids are gone ALL day. That means my house is EMPTY all day (except me). Let's be honest, THIS is our biggest news this school year. I am trying not to smile too big.
I will focus. Andrew is in Mrs. Markstrom's class, but the bonus is that he gets to spend 1/2 the day with his Kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Ammon's is now teaching first grade part time, so she is keeping her old kindergarten class and teaching them first grade reading and math. My semester started too. I LOVED my break, but it felt really good to be back on campus. I stopped by the coffee shop near campus and got my celebratory hot chocolate and headed off to class. I am excited about my classes this semester. This first class does not seem to be to difficult. It is an intro to special education and think this class is supposed to be taken as one of the first classes in my program. I started spring semester, so I am kind-of out of order. It's all good though.


Carol said...

Sounds fantastic!!!

Hope you have a great semester! (and the kids too! :) )

Lori said...

Yeah for ALL the children out of the house and at school...learning lots!

Julie W said...