Monday, November 22, 2010

Headed to Broadway

This year, our elementary school choir is putting on a play. They were expecting around 30 children to show interest in it, but they got around 90 students. Hooray for school enthusiasm! Emily tried out for a speaking part, and got one! She gets to play the part of Yellow Beard.
Yellow Beard has some funny lines and she even gets to lead all the pirates in a cheer. "Hip, Hip," they say, "hooray!" The play is about a Stowaway who wants to become a pirate. The music is catchy..."What do you do with a Stowaway?" (my favorite song from the show). Fear not, I won't give away the ending..but if you come the show you will learn what to do with a Stowaway.

Over the past weeks, Emily has been going to school early every morning to rehearse. She has also been working hard to design and sew her costume-with help from grandma. Hooray for Grandma! She looked fabulous up on stage.
This morning was the dress rehearsal. It went really well. The kids looked like they really were having fun. I think they are ready for Broadway.
The kiddos have finished both of their performances and they were fabulous-way better than the dress rehearsal. I think it is so great that Emily had this experience. I asked her if she is going to do the school play next year...and she quickly answered, "Of course!"


Louise said...

She looks great! When Adele saw the picture she started laughing and waving. School plays are so fun!

Julie W said...

That's awesome. What a great experience for her.