Thursday, November 25, 2010

Noah's Ark

I now have a teeny tiny more of an understanding of what it was like on the ark. Animals, animals and more animals. This past week, Emily gave her brothers an early Christmas present. Let me introduce you to Rocky, Speedy and Hermes. Rocky hides most of the day, Speedy is fast and Hermes loves to explore. Yes, even hermit crabs seem to have personalities. That puts our pet numbers to six. But, this weekend we have a guest staying with us. Rodeo is spending his Thanksgiving with us while Erin is out of town. We couldn't be happier. Rodeo is a calm loving little guest. But this is not all...This is not a picture of our Thanksgiving dinner. Becky's family, who happens to be our wonderful neighbors, have chickens in their back yard. This morning Emily and I got to go over and check on them. We fed them, watered them and generally made sure the chickens were having a happy holiday. Ashley, Nutmeg and Marlin's reactions range from mouth-watering interest, to oblivion, to a dignified ignore.

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