Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gingerbread Picture Search

Last Friday, I got to go help the first graders make their gingerbread houses. They look forward to this day each year. These first graders dove into this project.
They piled their houses high with frosting and candy. Not to mention the frosting and candy that ended up in their tummies (and mine-yummy).
Each house was unique and the kiddos took pride in their work. It reminded me of doing this same project with Ryan and Emily. I thought it would be fun to show the houses that Ry and Em made in first grade too. So I started going through old pictures. I found a picture of Andrew's house he made in preschool.Look at the baby face. I kept searching and somehow I ended up in a folder of pictures of baby Ry.He loved that lion towel thing..I miss Provo and our old apartment and old times. When we were living there, I NEVER thought I would miss Provo. But I do. That's the power of old photos. Back to task, I soon realized that a first grade picture of Ry would not be in the same folder as these little Ryan pictures, so I skipped ahead and found these. I had to pause again. Cute little Em all dressed up. She loved princess dresses and babies. I also found this picture of Em all dressed up for picture day in Kindergarten. Emily in her early years of fashion. Now, she has put away her fancy dresses and can be found in sweatpants EVERY day. I decided I should just give up on the gingerbread houses. Crud, time is flying by these days!


Louise said...

I LOVE the old pictures! And I agree, time is going too fast. Where's the pause button? I will miss these days!

Also, you have inspired me to make a gingerbread house with Fiona. It may or may not be a success... when we made gingerbread men she ate so many chocolate chips and M&M's that she threw up :-/

Julie W said...

Love how the memories come flooding back. Cute kids. I was able to look back at pictures from a few Christmases ago to settle the dispute over who turn it was to put the star on the tree. I made sure to take one this year so there would be no questions next year either.

Mark and Tara Christiansen said...

That is the cute little Ryan that I remember. I love looking through our old photos. I miss Provo too, but mostly you guys.