Saturday, December 4, 2010

Homework and family Unite!

As I have mentioned, I am going to the University of Minnesota to earn my Master's degree in Early Childhood Education and in Early Childhood Special Education. This has been a BUSY semester. I have had a ton of homework, but today I would like to share with you my most fun project yet.

The assignment was to find a child, get to know them and plan three activities/lessons based on their interests. I chose Fiona. I feel lucky to live so close to most of my nieces. It was great to spend good one-on-one with her. I had to put together a powerpoint, but have no idea how to post a powerpoint, so I am going to recreate the basics of it for you. Bottom line: I love these pictures of Fiona and I want to share my adorable niece with everyone.

Meet my niece, Fiona
Fiona is an out-going 31 month old. She loves playing with balls, trains and other toys. Her favorite places to go are grandma's house, the zoo and the library. She can be often found helping her mom and dad around the house.

Meeting One: Exploring Play-Doh

Fiona Quotes: "I do making tiny holes." "I have a duck." "It's spinning." "I'm screwing."

During our first meeting, Fiona explored different ways to make holes in the Play-Doh. I introduced different tools that would make different kinds of holes. She experimented with each of them. The Play-Doh drill was her favorite. She consistently went back to using this tool to make her holes in the Play-Doh.

Meeting Two: The Drill Set
Fiona Quotes: "Look Cathy, I'm doing it!"

Our second meeting's activity was based Fiona's interest in the Play-Doh drill. She gradually filled the entire board with bolts using the drill and a hand screw driver. While she worked, we talked about simple patterns, colors and counting.

Meeting Three: Making Cookies
Based on Fiona's fascination with tools and my knowledge that she likes to help in the kitchen, we made cookies during our last meeting.Fiona Quotes: "I'm stirring." "It's spinning." "I can tap it." "I made a big hole."

Fiona was able to add the butter, flour, sugar and egg. She used a spatula and an electric mixer to stir the dough. As soon as the dough was formed into a ball, Fiona began making big holes in the dough with her fingers (just like during meeting one).

Once the cookie dough was made, it was time to roll it out and cut the cookies.

Fiona's Quotes: "The big one is heavy." "I made a rocket ship." "I want to cook it."

Fiona wanted to use the tiny rolling pin. She cut out rocket ships, tiny hearts, mittens and stars. She then carefully transferred each cookie on the cookie sheet to bake them. While we were waiting for the to cook, Fiona told me the different ingredients she used to make the dough.

The powerpoint went with a super long, more detailed write up. I will spare you all those details.

Thank you Fiona for spending time with me. Let's do it again ASAP!


Lori said...

She is getting cuter and cuter. You are going to be a great teacher...your patience is amazing :)

Louise said...

She had SO MUCH FUN with you! I agree with Lori, you're going to be an awesome teacher! :-)