Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Summer Day

As I have already said, last summer my parents moved to Apple Valley. They actually now live about 11 minutes away. Their house is on a beautiful, deep clear lake. It has become one of my children's (and their friends') favorite places to go on a hot summer afternoon.

Today was a hot summer afternoon (finally). Emily grabbed three friends and spent the day swimming, kayaking, fishing and generally having fun.Can't you just feel the sun's heat and hear the laughing as they jump into cool water.

Andrew got to hang out with Ethan, one of his life long friends. They navigated the lake in the kayaks, built in the sand, and caught 12 fish.
My children are not the only MN grandchildren to love spending time at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We also got to play with our dear cousins Fiona and Adele. They looked so cute with their sun hats, goggles, floaties and smiles!In theory everyone should be tired tonight, but somehow I am the only tired one around here!


Lori said...

I wanna play :)

Louise said...

Fiona and Adele were tired. Adele was to tired that she slept all night for the first time ever! We will be doing this again :-)