Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Plans

There is less than a week of school left (for the kids that is) and we are starting to think about summer and how we want to spend our time. When one asks Andrew how he plans to spend his summer, he will say "computer games." I have NO DOUBT that Ry would give a similar response. I am sure that many computer games will be played...but I have other plans too.

This year, I wanted to find something that the family could enjoy together. Naturally, that lead me to Valley Fair. I grew up going to Valley Fair. I have many great memories riding the rides with my brothers and sisters. Actually, when they are in town, we still can be found going to Valley Fair running together from ride to ride. So I decided we should get season passes this year. The kids are finally all tall enough to really enjoy the park!Growing up, we loved the rides, esp. the Corkscrew and the Enterprise *pictured above. (I also have fond memories of pudding pop stands-sadly those are gone now). It's funny, but each ride still carries vivid memories with my brothers and sisters. Last week, we spent the afternoon exploring the park and riding the rides. Surprisingly, there were no lines at all. It was such a fun day.We were able to ride rides like The Wild Thing then hop right back on and ride again.Andrew did the same with the High Roller aka the White Roller Coaster. The day was filled with good family togetherness...including screaming together and laughing together.


Lori said...

Love it!

Julie W said...

Can you meet us there when we're in MN this summer? You can show us how to really enjoy it.