Friday, May 20, 2011

Dancing through the years!

If you are familiar with Emily, you know she loves dance. Emily fell in love with the costumes, moves and being in front of a crowd. She started in kindergarten. Emily had a friend named Jaquelyn who introduced us to You Can Danz Dance Company. It has been fun to watch Em grow up in the different dance classes. Here she is in the first grade class.
Here she is in second grade.
This is her fourth grade pictureEach year has been fun. She has danced at the MOA and Timberwolves half time each year. One year, she even got to dance a the Twins baseball game. This past year, Em has been in the fifth grade and up class. This means she got to participate in the cool light stick performance AND best of all the Daddy/Daughter dance. Each year the Daddy/daughter dance has a theme. This year was Gone Country. Erik and Em got to perform dance routines (in the front row) to Born to Boggie, Hoe Down Throw Down, Buttterfly Fly Away. Yes Erik learned THREE different dance routines!
I had every intention of laughing at Erik during the dance. After all, Erik doesn't usually grab a bandana and go country...but the dance was so sweet. Emily and Erik looked so good out there. Emily is growing up so fast.
The dad's did do their own routine too. Enjoy..and yes I now see some humor in the video! That is Erik in the front center of the screen with the red bandanna. When they do the long kick line he is the second one in from the right. He was such a good sport. If you make it far enough into the can see how excited Ry and Andrew are to be watching their dad dance.


The Zenn family said...

How long did they work on that? That's great!

Lori said...

There are some TRUE scoot-bootin'-boogie skills there :)

Kadbury said...

: ) Okay... that was awesome. I have total respect for the dad's that got up and did that!


Erekson's said...

so cute! We love you guys! We'd LOVE to see you. We are only 6 hours away from Moab:0) You are always welcome to come and spend sometime with us. Then we can take you to our rides and swim park:0)))

Julie W said...

That is cool. Way to go DADs!!!