Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Cyclones

Andrew's third wrestling season has begun. This year he is excited to be on the Cyclones. Seriously, who would want to wrestle a cyclone? They are tough! Let's have Andrew demonstrate some tough Cyclone wrestling moves. This is the single-leg take down. It is a very useful move when you are trying to get your opponent down on the ground. Who can wrestle on just one leg? That kid is coming down.After your opponent is down, you jump on top of them and work to pin them. That gives you some points.
Unfortunately, sometimes your opponent has some moves....such as this double-leg take-down. Andrew is fighting to avoid it. For memory's sake, let's assume he was successful : )

1 comment:

Laurie Page said...

I'm glad he's doing another season of wrestling...even though I know this only means he's going to get better at taking me down when I come to visit :)