Friday, November 18, 2011

Dancing at the Gopher Game

This year Emily and her friend, Anna, decided to join the Elite Dance team. This means that she goes to dance twice a week (two team classes and an audition prep class),gets to be more serious about the learning the dance routines, will have more performances, will compete, and will wear the Santa Baby dance costume. The Elite dancers got to dance at the men's basketball game last night at the U of M. It was our first Gopher Game (even though I have been going to the U for the past two years), and fun to attend a college game. We had great seats, thanks to some wonderful friends!Em had to be at Williams Arena an hour before the game began. This was the first time that ALL the Elite dancers practiced the routine together. Em is at the top of the picture in the blue sweatpants...enjoying her flat splits. Something I could never do...even at her age. The teachers had to coordinate 86 dancers, making sure their lines were spaced correctly and that the girls would not crash into each other as they completed their different line-ups. Honestly, it was not looking good at first. They were crashing into each other and they were getting lost in their lines. But, somehow Tina (the owner/head teacher) got them organized and in sync. At performance time, they pulled off a perfectly precise dance routine. Look, even Goldy the Gopher is impressed by their dance!I am going to have the song, "All I want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey stuck in my head all season!
Good job Emily and Anna!


Laurie Page said...

Yay Emily! What a cool and fun opportunity! Wish I could have been there!!!

Ginger Erekson Hamer said...

Love your arrows! I could have used those during the dance. My head was spinning because things were moving so fast.
What a great routine! I know how hard the girls worked, but they made the performance look easy and FUN! Good job!