Saturday, December 31, 2011

A little history and a new place to play

The majority of our long break has been relaxing, sitting around, wearing pajamas watching movies and playing video games all day. To be honest, it has been wonderful. But, one needs to get out of the house at some point, right?

After spending some time at the zoo, we decided to visit Mill City Museum. This museum is found along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. It is the old Wasburn Crosby A-Mill (later to become General Mills). It is known as “The most explosive museum in the world."

This nickname comes from several sources: the 1878 explosion that leveled the original Wasburn Crosby A-Mill (on the same site as the current building), and the “Flour Tower” ride, which allows guests to experience the explosion firsthand and live to tell about it. We exited the “Flour Tower” on the top story (8th story I think) of the building, and were treated to stunning views of the river from the rooftop observation deck, and a fun ride back down in a glass elevator. I am glad we took the time to revisit this museum and learn something new about our history.

We finished off our week by finding a new place to play. Our friends told us about SkyZone and we all decided to give it a try.

You have to buy tickets early (probably because of the break, regular weeks are probably not as busy), but it is well worth it. As I have said before, it is impossible to not have fun on a trampoline and this place is packed with them!

We had contests such as see who could butt, knee, butt, knee jump the longest, which Andrew always won. We jumped off walls.

A skill that I could not master. Andrew told me that the secret was to always think straight. It didn't help. Whenever I attempted the wall jump, I landed flat on my back.
Basically, we jumped our hearts out!


Mrs Chronic-Shock said...

OMGosh! That place looks like so much fun! I totally want to go there :)

Ginger Erekson Hamer said...

Let's remember to recommend this place for a reunion activity.

Julie W said...

Two places on my list of places to visit next time we are in MN. The Mill Museum has been on our list for a while and I add Skyzone after you posted pictures on facebook. We had a much less adventurous break.