Friday, December 16, 2011

Dance, concert, dance, wrestling

Things have been busy around here lately.
We started the week with Emily's Winter Dance Recital. It is so much fun to watch the different dance teams. Em is on the Elite team and they did a great job! It is amazing how much the extra classes and practices help the team's performances. They were completely together and spot on their steps and kicks.
Emily also had her first band concert. They did a great job. She is still motivated to practice her flute. But, she is not the only musical one around here. Whenever she practices her flute, Totoro sings along.

In the same week, her dance team also had a chance to dance at the women's gopher basketball game at the U down town.
It is wonderful to be on the Elite team. Emily is having a blast, learning a ton about dance and is having a real team experience.
Go Valley Girls!
This week, Andrew finished up his wrestling season. The person who runs the EVAA teams is also the Eastview boys wrestling coach. He is so great with theyoung boys (and probably the HS team). He stresses being brave and using good wrestling moves. I am glad that Andrew is learning these lessons early in his wrestling career. He ended by getting first place in his bracket of second graders.
It is really fun to watch Andrew. Between his matches, he would look over and give the thumbs up. When it was over, Andrew told me he was glad he was brave the whole time. Lesson learned :)

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