Monday, March 26, 2012

Lauren's visit part one

We skipped Winter this year. Not just on this blog, but the entire state just skipped it. We went right to spring break. Who better to start a spring break with, then Lauren? She came to visit for an extended weekend of fun! After seeing Hunger Games and having a delicious Indian lunch buffet with the entire Minnesota family Our first stop was Skyzone in Oakdale. This is the trampoline mecca. It is great fun and a great workout. Is it bad to admit that after pretty much 10 minutes, I was ready for a break? Breaks are for wimps.
"We" jumped into foam pits.
"We" were jumping all over the place (sometimes avoiding the camera).We jumped high
"We" jumped off the walls. I still can't figure that out (although everyone else seems to have no problem with it)."We" looked cute and fun as we posed for pictures.Definitely, WE all had an incredible time.
Skyzone was only one stop in our weekend of fun. What visit to Minnesota would be complete without a trip to MOA to ride some rides?Walking around an amusement park is a great way to bond with cousins.

Defying death is a great way to bond with cousins.Anticipating the scariest hill in the park is a great way to bond with cousins...and aunts.Eating together at the food court is a great way to bond with cousins...from both sides of the family.
Waiting in lines together is a great way to bond with cousins....Riding the Blues Clues ride is a great way to enjoy our MN cousins.
Skipping the rides, but winning a big prize is a great way to impress us all!

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