Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Last Moments

We wanted to make our last moments with Lauren count. So after a lazy morning, we went to lunch. In honor of Lauren's upcoming study abroad to France, we went to Pardon My French...bring on the croissants....the creme brulee...and Haute Ham sandwiches. After lunch, we were feeling the need for either a nap or a good walk. The walk won, and we decided to go to the zoo. It is so close and convenient..and there are cute little penguins. These penguins are wobbly, playful and so gosh darn cute.

Yes, we saw all the different animals, even got to touch a few sharks and stingrays. Did you know that stingrays are surprisingly silky and friendly?Thank you Lauren for the fun visit. We already miss you.

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Julie W said...

No wonder you haven't blogged. Looks like you have been having non stop fun.