Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oregon trip

This is a picture of the kiddos with Grandma Glenda forever ago! Some of you may know that recently Grandma Glenda fell and broke her arm. We have been thinking of her and worried about her ever since. There were some complications, so Erik really wanted to get out to Oregon and check on her. Emily was lucky enough for a small miracle and she was able to go with her dad. Erik's family all live very close to each other, so they were able to see everyone while they were out there. Grandma is doing fine and is now the proud owner of a new painted flower pot from Emily. Overall it sounds like it was a wonderful trip. I am jealous! I can't wait to get out there this summer. Here is a fun slide show..enjoy.


Aryn said...

Cathy, your girl could not be any cuter! She looks like such a little sweetheart (all your kids do).

p.s. I assume Uncle Kent is legally and lawfully married, but just in case he's not, well, you know what to do...

Grandma said...

I just loved getting caught up on your blog entries. I couldn't get them in Brazil because of the slow modem connection.

Please send the address, etc., to my parents so that they can enjoy these entries too.

Love, MOM