Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grandpa Dan and Grandma Joanne

Erik's dad and Joanne were able to make their way out to visit us this past weekend. We love to have family (and friends) come and visit. It is fun to get to visit and do stuff together.
Unfortunately, I had to work pretty much the whole time they were here. It was my Y weekend and I was scheduled at Target. I missed out on a lot. They did come and see me in my khaki and red at Target and they got to go swimming at the Y.

I put Erik in charge of pictures of their trip. I know that they had many movie nights and hit Famous Dave's for dinner. From the pictures it looks like they played with trains too.


Cynthia said...

Sounds like they had a fun trip. That is quite the impressive train set-up...Caleb would be jealous! Too bad you missed out. :(

Anonymous said...

That looks amazing! And can I just say that I CAN'T WAIT to come visit you at Target! I'm going to buy all kinds of stuff :)

I love the blog makeover by the way...it looks really cool!

Will you send me Emi's blog info?