Friday, November 21, 2008


I missed the Batman opening...and I missed "that one" movie opening that will remain nameless but you know which one I am talking about. I was NOT going to miss this one. TWILIGHT. Yes we were really some of the oldest in the crowd..yes the giggles throughout the movie were pretty young but it was so much fun to be there! The movie was intense, romantic and fun...I am so looking forward to owning this movie, and going to the next movie.
(remembering that it was just a fun movie made it better) I am actually wanting to go to this one again. I was unsure about Edward...but he was great. The only character that I still have trouble with is Charlie the dad. He was too young in the movie (or am I to old?)
I will admit to wanting a little more interaction between the Cullen family and Bella...but there is time for that in the NEXT movie. Lauren...and everyone else..drop what you are doing and go to the movie! I am off to reread the books.
Question: How many girls can you fit into a Miata? Stuffing ourselves into the Miata after the movie brought back so many memories from High School and the Volkswagon. Hilarious. Let's do it again soon.


Cynthia said...

Oh, I am so excited to see this movie!! I'm glad you got to go, it sounds like it was a great time! Erik actually wants to go with me, so I think we'll see it over Thanksgiving weekend.

Super cute new template, btw. You are so cute and fun.... maybe you should change your blog address to be like mine. :)

Lauren said...

YES! I saw it on opening night too!!!! I got about three hours of sleep before I had to go to school... but it was so worth it!

I agree with you about Charlie and I wish they would have explained Jasper. Also, they kinda messed up the meadow scene. But other than that I thought the acting was really good. It is really good :]

Lori said...

I know that you can fit a driver, one short-chubby lady in the middle, one tall-thin lady in the passenger seat. I'm not saying that it was comfortable... in the middle, I'm just saying... thanks for the ride, it was better than walking home.

Louise said...

Woo for Girl's night! I had such a good time! Mmmm Edward. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm. Yummy. Looking forward to the next one!

Maren said...

I have been dying to know what real people think about the movie, so thanks for this post. I am planning to go with my mom on Tuesday. Mike will be home with Ace. I don't care what they put on the screen - I am out of the house without my 2 year old - yeeeehaw!