Friday, April 10, 2009

A perfect Spring evening

I few mornings ago at the bus stop there was a scent of fire and BBQ in the air. Yesterday, Andrew and I were walking Ashley with our friends Erin and Amy. There was a smell of campfire in the air...I casually told her that is one of the marks of our neighborhood. It isn't all the time, but I will say that the scent of campfire can be commonly found around here. I love it. It goes with all the trees around here. (Does anyone remember how much I loved those canyon fires? I am so home)
Last night I came home from work and found a campfire in our back yard. The kids were just out in the yard playing. The weather was perfect, sky was clear. No school the next day...and no work for me. I love these kinds of nights. All seems right with the world. It was sunset. Soon I hear Sam (neighbor) calling across backyards...and then joining us. He brought some marshmallows.

We love a good s'more around here...but a fun burning stick can be a highlight too. We would have stayed out there all night. But then I remembered that ERIK had to work the next day, so we called it a night so Erik could put them to bed (I like to share the fun parenting jobs...and am always trying to pass the bed-time duties).

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