Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Recipe Group

Our ward is relatively new , so we decided that it would be great to start up some new groups to help us get to know and learn from each other. We just had our first Recipe Group meeting. We started with cookies and bars recipes.
Everyone brought a sample of their favorite recipe. You should have seen my plate of yumminess, which I might add I had no problem finishing! We talked about different tips for cooking and we also got to spend time getting to know each other. Our next theme is going to be appetizers. I love appetizers..but I really don't have any recipes to share, any ideas? I seriously am excited about these monthly meetings. I feel lucky to be part of these ladies and cannot wait for our next meeting.


Julie W said...

Great idea, you'll have to share some of the best of the best.

caitlynrose said...

Appetizer! Stuffed cherry tomatoes. You mix together cream cheese, crumbled bacon and a touch of salt, pepper and onion. I cheat and buy spring onion cream cheese. Anyway, make a messy mix of these, and then gently core a tiny bit from the cherry tomates. You fill them with the goo, and bake them at 350 for twelve minutes or so - til they look soft and super yummy. Its a great tasty finger food. Good luck!

Holly Thatcher said...

I hope you got me a copy of those recipes. I was bummed I couldn't go. I LOVE appetizers, so I'm looking forward to that.