Thursday, April 30, 2009


Guess who ate this breakfast today.
5 eggs scrambled
1 bowl of ohs cereal and milk
1 bagel and cream cheese
a bunch of gold fish crackers

chocolate chip cookie (yes cookie)

The only reason he has stopped eating is that he had to leave for speech. Guarantee his first words when he gets home will be "Mom, I'm hungry."

PS: Andrew just got off the bus and his bus driver got off the bus to ask me how much he weighs. She thinks he has grown a bunch this year and is ready for a regular bus seat. Too cool. All this food is working.


Cynthia said...

Why is it always the skinny ones that can pack it away and you never see where it ends up? That is amazing amount of food for anyone, much less a 5 yr old.

Scrappycook said...

Good grief!!! I want to be able to eat that much and not gain 5 pounds!

Cathy said...

We don't know where it goes either, he is in the 15th percentile for height/weight!!

Sarah said...

I hope you have a costco membership!