Thursday, November 26, 2009

Family and the Coast

On this Thanksgiving day, I am most thankful for my family. I am grateful for the time we get to spend together. In case you did not know, the Oregon coast is one of our favorite places to visit together. It is beautiful and relaxing. There are great towns like Manzanita, Seaside and Astoria. Each are very important to us. While we were over at the coast, we got to spend some time enjoying Seaside.
Seaside is the home of our favorite Arcade...Funland. We stop there any chance we can get (this tradition goes way back before we had kids...back to Erik's childhood...I think Tennant's have been going there before Erik too).Dan was kind enough to get us all a place right on the shores in Seaside...and yes there was a pool! It might be November, but we cannot pass a chance to go swimming..even outdoors! On our drive back to Ridgefield, we stopped at the Custard King. Every year we pass it on our way to Manzanita and every year Glenda points it out. She would explain that she loved going to the Custard King growing up. She loved taking Erik as a child. She loved the lemon custard. They stopped selling custard, but we did get to enjoy a Tillamook ice-cream cone in memory of our grandmother.


Louise said...

Happy Thanksgiving Tennants!

Grandma said...

I'm so glad you have this time to reminisce and blend new fun with old memories. See you soon.

Lauren said...

I stole some of the pictures :) I had such a great time seeing you all!! It will be my new year's resolution to come out to Minnesota :)