Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Andrew signed up for wrestling this year. It was his first year and it turns out we might have a wrestler in the family. Actually, this kid has been a wrestler since he could walk. He has been known to take down bigger kids at parks and play-dates. So, this is a good sport for him. He really liked being on a team and learning about official take-down moves.
Here Andrew is demonstrating the "Single Leg Take-Down."
Last night, Andrew had his first take-down tournament. They warm the kids up with lots of exercises. In the picture, Andrew is doing his heel-toe-knee move across the wrestling room.
Here Andrew is getting ready for his match. He is already in his wrestling stance (which kind of reminds me of a T-Rex stance with his little arms sticking out). Andrew got at least one take down off this kid. I love watching Kindergarten sports.Andrew got a third place ribbon at this tournament. He is having a great start to wrestling. He is learning a ton. It is so much fun to find activities that kids really like to do. We are already excited for next year (and this season isn't over yet).

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Louise said...

Nice work Andrew! I can just imagine him giving the other kids the smack down, he's tough! Sounds like a great activity for him!